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July 02, 2007

Boys with accents make me swoon or "Sunday update"

Sunday with Guilano was nice. He was adorable and I was pleased to parade him around the neighborhood. Earlier, I bumped into my neighbor, a creep, who offered to have sex with me if I find myself lonely or horny and in need of some affection. He recommended I knock on his door. I laughed in his face, pretty much let him know that I would not be that lonely or horny, EVER. Later when Guliano and I were walking hand in hand down 4th Street we bumped into my creepy neighbor and I gave him a look that screamed, why would I ever knock on your door, you ugly fuck, when I have the option of a guy this cute, c'mon, do I look lonely, in need of affection?

Guiliano was romantic, funny, must have told me I was beautiful at least 50 times. I taught him a new expression, "don't hold your breath" and I failed when I tried to explain the difference between though and although. I was wrong about his English. He actually spoke well. He understood everything I said and his responses were sophisticated despite his only being in the U.S. eight months. He used past tense when he was discussing the present but that only made me like him more. The accent was amazing and his 30 second phone call in which he spoke Portuguese could have easily made me orgasm. Blue eyes, curly dark hair and a 4 year old in Brazil, named Gabriel, which probably means he also has a wife or worse a girlfriend he really loves. He said he's been living like a monk in NY and that was enough to make me believe it was because he was trying to be faithful to whatever is waiting for him in his country, Brazil, a place where it never snows. His first snow was in NY and he mentioned it was beautiful, but of course, difficult to walk in.

After the wine bar and our stroll I invited him up to my apartment. We had sex twice over 5 hours, but mostly we talked and he asked me to look in his eyes, but I couldn't. The sex was sort of awkward and I told him we could have had a beautiful first time if we had actually known each other and he told me that Americans are repressed despite the fact that we have "Girls gone wild" and are world leaders in the porn industry. He said you could spend a year talking, but everyone is a stranger the first time they remove all their clothes for someone. He said it was really nice hearing someone say "your cock feels so good," and "deeper" in a language other than his own. I wanted to tell him he showed me more kindness and warmth in one afternoon, than the last guy I dated did in over 4 months, but of course, I didn't.


Gina said...

Funny, I was reading too fast and got the image of Rudy Giuliani...instead of Guliano.
Had you walking down the street, holding hands, gazing into each others eyes... the whole time, thinking, "Okay, I thought Rudy was married" " He doesn't know that expression? What the?"... "Who is this, who dares to stroll hand in hand around NYC with the previous mayor and a married presidential candidate? Simply scandalous! As I read on and realized I had the wrong guy, I cracked up at the absurdity of my thinking.

well...it could happen, but after reading about your Guliano, it seems very unlikely that Rudy would be your type.

ves said...

Good Point - Rudy Guliani is not the kind of guy I aspire to stroll nyc streets with, but truth is, he did make this city safe enough for a girl to move here from GA, and for that alone, he turns me on.

Incidentally, the absurdity of your thinking made me laugh too, thanks, I needed that.