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July 31, 2007

2 more reasons men make me sick, not "hot"

Does anyone remember the George Costanza style short balding guy I went out with twice? Well, after our 2 date roll, I confirmed what I already knew, that short bald guys don't get me hot. I tried, we went out, it was okay, but mostly he was a simpleton and conversation although pressure free, was interest free as well. Baldie and I had nothing in common. He seemed harmless and after my recent bout with bi-polar Doug, a night out with a classic nice guy seemed like a fine thing to do. I gave a not hot, not tall, not good looking, not rich nor successful guy a shot. It seemed liked a sporting thing to do. And as I said before, I tried, I was open minded, not completely shallow, and it didn't pay off. You'd think the gods of he said, she said would note that I had gone out with an ugly guy and cut me some kind of dating break. Not to be.

Before I left for vacation I told Not Hot Bald Guy that I didn't see us having a relationship, basically because we had nothing in common, I'd be busy and am planning to leave NY in October anyway (a lie). I though that would be enough to end our 2 date friendship. Not so. He called a few more times, I was polite but ended each conversation with I'm busy, can't see you, and since we have nothing in common and I'm moving soon, it makes sense that we don't go out again. I was firm but kind. Or so I thought. The call volume increased, even though I had made it clear I wasn't keen to speak again, and I know he understood it on some level because as I began screening his calls he began calling from a variety of different 212 numbers to throw me off the track and trick me into picking up. My response was to screen more stringently and eventually I ended getting a mass of voice messages and 10 page texts about how he didn't understand why I wasn't calling him back, taking his calls, etc. Was I okay, he was worried, why was I being rude? What had he done to offend me? Blah, blah, blah. It was getting freakin annoying so I sent him a 2 line text: I'm not interested in you, please do not contact me again. And just as i hit send the final wave of insane voice and text messages came through. Apparently I am a cruel bitch, "who's done this before", I used him (??) He liked me, he deserves an explanation, he was nice to me and I am evil. As a woman, I am not free to stalk men, nor do I have any desire to. If a guy says I'm not into you, I back off. If he sends mixed signals like booty calls, etc. I understand he's into the sex but not into me. I do not respond to an overt screening my call blow off by using trick phone numbers and calling from restricted lines. Unbelievable.

Another reason men make me wretch: Bi-polar Doug who pretty much Jekyll/Hyded me for a few months, loved me on Sunday, blew me off Monday, stalked me on Tuesday, thought we were wrong for each other Wednesday, missed me on Thursday (you get the point) had the nerve to email me again. As if the text he sent recently didn't go through... I don't plan to respond to him ever again. He was really hot, but not that great in bed for a bi-polar whack job, not worth the effort, the bullshit, etc. I'm over it, and his occasional pathetic how are you text just pisses me off, cease desist, drop dead.

I could call Guilliano, the sexy foreign guy, he was cute and has left the appropriate amount of messages, and since I'm not returning his call, he stopped calling, it shows me he's sensible has some self respect, is hot and can find a cute girl for sex easily, so why don't I call him? It's rather hot out, need cooler weather, cooler men, would rather masturbate than put up with bullshit.

Have a feeling it's gonna be a while.


Rambler said...

Be wary of ragers. I'm serious here. I'm sure you can kick his ass but still...you know to call if you need anything.


ves said...

Wouldn't quite classify his pathetic barrage of calls and texts rage, more like a half man/half 11 yr. old girl, throwing a hissy fit. I could easy kick his ass, but it won't come to that. We had 2 dates, neither of which were anywhere near my home. Except for my cell phone number, guy knows nothing about me, probably not even my last name.

Gina said...
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Gina said...

Sad. I've had a couple who needed 'closure' after 2 or 3 dates. Very sensitive hearts which have to move through the stages of loss and drag everyone along with them. In time, old George will grow a thick skin. Good thing he can't track you down.

My friend had a similiar situation when a man she had been talking to at the gym, and then on the phone, turned out to be a registered sexual offender with jail time. He had lied about his living arrangements which turned out to be in a bording house in a seedy area of Asbury Park. My friend had not answered his calls and stopped going to the gym, but was doing her sister a favor one day, filling in at the desk, when he came in and asked her out. She declined, but he persisted in calling her. Finally she texted him : 'I know something about you and I do not feel comfortable dating you. please do not call me again." When she told me I was really worried for her. I thought the " I know something about you....' was scary and sounded blackmailish. The guy left the gym and she never heard from him again but still. Cleepy.

No more Missy Nice Date.